A sea-change and a sea-turtle…

This website is essentially about a sea-change. It’s also a story about adventure, exploration and coming home. More than that it’s a resource for anyone visiting or thinking about visiting this little bit of paradise we call the Sunshine Coast.

Our story

In October 1998, when our daughter was just 6 months old, we spent the first of many holidays in Mooloolaba. We’ll move here when the time is right, we promised ourselves.

Over the years we continued to travel – both overseas and closer to home – yet we also continued to be drawn back to Mooloolaba. One day, we kept telling ourselves, when the time is right, we’ll move here.

It was hubby who first suggested early in 2015 that maybe that time was now. Things weren’t great at his job, and they definitely weren’t great in mine. No, I said, two more years. I’ll be ready in two more years.

The months passed and things got tougher. In July 2016, I changed jobs and we spent the week I had in between roles in Mooloolaba – ‘maybe the time’s right now?’ he suggested. ‘No, I said, not yet.’

Not long after, on an overcrowded evening peak hour bus on the M2 from Sydney CBD, I called hubby and said, ‘ok, let’s do it.’

After that things moved quickly – and, for the size of what we were doing – relatively painlessly.

It was almost as if it was meant to be.

But what has any of that got to do with the sea turtle in the logo?

Because the sea turtle returns to the beach of her birth to lay her eggs there’s a belief that the symbol of the sea turtle also represents a sort of coming home in a spiritual sense – finding your way back from wherever you’ve been to where you’re meant to be.

I have the feeling that just like the sea turtle, up here on the Sunshine Coast is where we’re meant to keep returning to – regardless of wherever else in the world we travel to.

Join us as we explore this fabulous part of Australia.