Mooloolaba Mornings

Good morning from Mooloolaba.

This morning’s sunrise was softer than they have been of late. Some high wispy cloud made for a watercolour show in the sky.

That’s the thing I love about sunrises – no two are the same.

Another thing I love about them is that somehow they help make whatever type of crap your work day throws up more bearable.

Mooloolaba Mornings

It was over the hill to Alexandra Headland this morning. It won’t be long before sunrise will be stupidly early, so I’m making the most of these days.

Back in Mooloolaba, today’s cruise ship was coming in. The barman at the Surf Club yesterday told me that they’ve estimated that the cruise ships coming into Mooloolaba – and people coming down to gawk at the ships – will bring about $1 million into the region. It’s easy to believe. There are markets set up beside the Wharf especially for cruise passengers.



Mooloolaba Mornings


If there’s a better way to start the day, I’m not sure that I can think of it right now.

Welcome to a daily shot of Sunshine Coast love. Most days it will be sunsets, some days something else.

This morning as we walked the beach the Pacific Jewel was offshore waiting for the pilot boat to guide her in to where she’ll park for the day. It’s the last stop of a 12 night cruise up the East Coast from Sydney. The Jewel’s stop here is the first of 8 scheduled cruise boat stops in Mooloolaba in 2017. Tomorrow it will be the Pacific Explorer’s turn to dock on the only port stop of a 4 night Sunshine Coast cruise.

Sail away…now there’s an idea…



Good Morning…Mooloolaba


Good morning from Mooloolaba….

I’m yet to meet a sunrise that I don’t like, so these morning posts are a way of charting my morning beach walks, and the beauty of a coastal sunrise.

Have a fabulous Friday…