Mooloolaba Mornings

The sun is waking even earlier than last week – about a minute earlier a day. By the end of this week, sunrise will be 5.45am.

Enjoy it while I can, I say!

Oh, and there were whales out there this morning. Yes, really! Too far out, of course, for photos, but exciting nevertheless.

This truly is a fabulous place to be…


Mooloolaba Mornings

If the spectacular weather of the last few days hasn’t been enough of a hint that Spring is absolutely here, then the temperature at 6am this morning should have been a giveaway – spoiler alert, no jacket required.

The Sun is in on the action too – rising a full 7 minutes earlier than this time last week. Yep, folks, the days are getting longer.

Anyways, here are some photos from the last few mornings.

You’re welcome.

and one sunset…of sorts…just because.

Mooloolaba Mornings


Well, sunrise is just after 6am these days – so photos of it will be few and far between for the next few months.

Yesterday morning a tall ship was anchored off the beach. It was quickly followed by P&O’s Pacific Explorer. I know some locals aren’t ecstatic about the cruise ships, but they do bring a lot of business to the region. There are also always plenty of people down around the foreshore checking them out.

Another three are due this year, and eleven cruise ships are scheduled to stop in at Mooloolaba in 2018.

I watched it come in, and I watched it sail out into the sunset…ok, well not into the sunset, but you get the idea.

This morning I was up and about much earlier – and was rewarded with a sunrise…

and a paddle.

Mornings don’t get much better than this