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Mooloolaba Mornings

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but here we go, a week’s worth of morning pics…  

Mooloolaba Mornings

The sun is waking even earlier than last week – about a minute earlier a day. By the end of this week, sunrise will be 5.45am. Enjoy it while I can, I say! Oh, and there were whales out there this morning…. Read More

Mooloolaba Mornings

If the spectacular weather of the last few days hasn’t been enough of a hint that Spring is absolutely here, then the temperature at 6am this morning should have been a giveaway – spoiler alert, no jacket required. The Sun is in… Read More

Countdown to a sunset…

The whole time we were deliberating over our sea-change, one song by Dido kept running through my head. The song is Sand in My Shoes and the lyrics : Try to forget for one more night That I’m back in my flat… Read More

Good Morning…Mooloolaba

  Good morning from Mooloolaba…. I’m yet to meet a sunrise that I don’t like, so these morning posts are a way of charting my morning beach walks, and the beauty of a coastal sunrise. Have a fabulous Friday…