Countdown to a sunset…

another sunset from a different day

The whole time we were deliberating over our sea-change, one song by Dido kept running through my head. The song is Sand in My Shoes and the lyrics :

Try to forget for one more night
That I’m back in my flat on the road
Where the cars never stop going through the night
To a life where I can’t watch the sun set
I don’t have time

Try to remind myself that I was happy here
Before I knew that I could get on the plane and fly away
From the road where the cars never stop going through the night
To a life where I can watch the sun set
And take my time

It said everything about why we were making the change.

Now that we’re living on the Sunshine Coast, I’m making an extra effort to do just that – stop for a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day and marvel that I can now watch the sun set – and take my time.

There was a day last week when the rain had come and gone, and the sky cleared momentarily to a sailor’s delight of a sunset over Mooloolaba. It started with a pale glow, intensified into something pretty special, before starting to fade again.

Good Morning…Mooloolaba


Good morning from Mooloolaba….

I’m yet to meet a sunrise that I don’t like, so these morning posts are a way of charting my morning beach walks, and the beauty of a coastal sunrise.

Have a fabulous Friday…