I haven’t done one of these for a while, but here we go, a week’s worth of morning pics…  

The sun is waking even earlier than last week – about a minute earlier a day. By the end of this week, sunrise will be 5.45am. Enjoy it while I can, I say! Oh, and there were whales out there this morning…. Read More

If the spectacular weather of the last few days hasn’t been enough of a hint that Spring is absolutely here, then the temperature at 6am this morning should have been a giveaway – spoiler alert, no jacket required. The Sun is in… Read More

  Well, sunrise is just after 6am these days – so photos of it will be few and far between for the next few months. Yesterday morning a tall ship was anchored off the beach. It was quickly followed by P&O’s Pacific… Read More

It seems as though each day sunrise is getting just that little bit earlier. Where only a few weeks ago I could sleep in until 6am and still make it down to the beach in time to see that golden orb peek… Read More

After a night where the rain pelted down, sunrise was almost non existent. But by the time I was over the headland and back into Mooloolaba, it had all cleared to another perfect Sunshine Coast winter day.

Good morning. I have to admit to feeling a tad sore in the muscles today – I took myself off to No Lights, No Lycra last night and danced my little heart out in the dark. I’ll write more about it next… Read More

Good morning from Mooloolaba. This morning’s sunrise was softer than they have been of late. Some high wispy cloud made for a watercolour show in the sky. That’s the thing I love about sunrises – no two are the same. Another thing… Read More

It was over the hill to Alexandra Headland this morning. It won’t be long before sunrise will be stupidly early, so I’m making the most of these days. Back in Mooloolaba, today’s cruise ship was coming in. The barman at the Surf… Read More

  If there’s a better way to start the day, I’m not sure that I can think of it right now. Welcome to a daily shot of Sunshine Coast love. Most days it will be sunsets, some days something else. This morning… Read More