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The other day on and anyways I wrote a bit about what I don’t like about Masterchef. If you’re interested, you can read the post here, but spoiler alert, it’s all about the unrealistic dessert challenges and fancy equipment.

I mentioned that what I loved about the show was how it’s still all about the food and not about the bitchiness we see in other so-called reality programs. What I didn’t say is that another reason that I keep watching – aside from the sheer joy of Gary’s appetite when confronted with something simply fabulous – is the strike rate Masterchef has of contestants that are working in the industry long after the cameras stop rolling. I think I read somewhere that it’s about 70something%…but don’t quote me on it.

One of the moments that epitomised everything I love about Masterchef was in last years grand final when the eventual winner, Elena, took the time to help her mate (and runner-up) Matt Sinclair finish his dish. No spoiler alerts – you’ve had a year to catch up on it…

Where am I going with this? Matt – and some of his mates – has recently opened a new restaurant on Sunshine Beach and, another spoiler alert, it’s an absolute winner.

The fit-out gives you a hint of what’s to come in the food and flavour stakes –street art-ish murals mixed with snippets of pure Asia.

The food is the same – Asian influenced but with a twist that’s so clever you wonder how it can even be a twist.

Designed to share, the menu is divided up into small plates, medium plates and large plates. The two of us argued and negotiated with each other before deciding on three small plates, one large plate and a som tum or green papaya salad. Although time consuming, that was the easy part – what to choose from a menu where we wanted to try everything was the difficult bit.

We spent way too long saying things like ‘I really want to try the snapper, so if I give in on the satay today, we can have that next time?’ and things like, ‘but I really want to give those Korean wings a go and Oh My God, how good does the beef cheeks smell?’ and things like, ‘who else can we bring next time so we can try more?’

Eventually we decided on:

  • Pork and prawn dumplings, black vinegar and crispy chilli- and good dumplings they were
  • Gangnam style beef tartare, fried egg mayo, crispy potato – easily the best dish of the day
  • Cured swordfish, nam jim, coconut and kaffir lime – my 2nd favourite dish
  • Satay ½ chicken, house made roasted peanut sauce – OMG that sauce!
  • Spicy green papaya salad Spicy Green Papaya Salad, dried shrimp, peanuts, tamarind – hunny’s 2nd favourite

There’s a good mix of gluten free and dairy free options and enough choices to keep the vegetarian in your life happy.

As for desserts? These are kept simple – just two choices:

  • Deep fried ice cream , miso caramel and coffee
  • Chocolate mousse, mandarin, black sesame crisps

We chose the latter and this dessert avoider asked for a spoon to share it.

The verdict? As if you have to ask! Outstanding. We’ve booked already to come again later in the month and also for when we have Kiwi guests at Christmas…so many more opportunities to try dishes – next time I’m definitely getting the snapper…just saying.

You’ll find Sum Yung Guys at Sunshine Beach, just before Noosa – and you’ll need to book. Want more info? You’ll find it here.


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  1. I followed Matt’s Instagram account when they were Eat Street in Brisbane and so saw that they were leaving the van and starting up at the Coast. I’m glad it was all delicious and hope it’s really successful as he was one of my faves last year. (And I know he’s opened the restaurant with friends, so not just about him!)


    1. Yeah he was one of the only ones that I stayed following after Masterchef too. You know logically they’re a team, but, let’s face it, he’s the famous one!


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