The Urban Crafters Gang

So anyways, today we headed down to Moffat Beach. There’s this café I’d been wanting to try – One Block Back (I’ll tell you about that next time, but #spoileralert, it was great) – and because the garbage truck hadn’t been and the wheelie bins were on the road, we had to park around the corner. Which ended up being a good thing as it meant we walked past The Urban Crafters Gang.

Here’s another spoiler – you can’t just walk past this place. It draws you in and before you know it you’re signing up for a macramé class. No, I didn’t do that, but honestly, I could have. It’s that sort of place.

I guess the easiest way to describe The Urban Crafters Gang would be to say it’s a collective of fabulous crafters. There’s restored and up-cycled furniture, wall hangings, amazing crocheted rugs and woven baskets, hand-dyed cushions, ink works and so much more.

Each crafter has what is pretty well a pop-up up store within the space – and apparently they all help out in the shop. It’s a fabulous concept that works because of the talent of the makers.

I bought this fabulous planter full of succulents that have already brightened up our outside table. Cute, hey? And just needs a spray of water every so often to keep it healthy.

I have my eye on a dragonfly, and a blue ink feather from The Gypsy Heart that I think would work perfectly in my study. I suspect it will find it’s way home over the next week or so… I was also seriously tempted by the little baskets in Colour & Chic – after all, you can’t have too many baskets, right?

Anyways, the crafters are below – with links to their facebook profiles.

The Urban Crafters Gang:

Mezzie and Frank chalk effects paint
Timeless Style & Design
Eclectic Vibe
The Decorative Cow
Lush Relics Furniture
Succulent Artistry
Colour & Chic – Handmade

You’ll find The Urban Crafters Gang at 96 Nothling St, Caloundra.  It’s well worth seeking out…

The shop is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm.

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  2. Oh it sounds like a lovely store and I love the concept. I love upcycled furniture and envy the creativity of those who come up with such ideas. I’m off to have a look at all of their sites!


    1. Yeah, that’s what gets me – people who look at something that someone else has decided is junk and just knows how to life it.


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